Implemented projects for automotive

Visual parts

Visual and design parts for car interiors and exteriors

Assembled kits

We assemble molding kits (plastic moldings, purchased textile or metal parts) using assembly jigs of our own production.

Precise technical parts

We produce technical moldings and D-components with very tight dimension tolerances.

More-component parts

Injection of two- or more-component parts.

Parts with metal inserts and additionally fitted metal components

Experience with injection of moldings with metal inserts or additionally fitted metal components (connectors, threaded cores, metal clips, nuts).

Parts for coating or plating

Injection of moldings with high surface requirements, prepared for coating, in compliance with the strict demands for clean production environment and for protection of molding surface both during production, and during subsequent manipulation.

Implemented projects outside automotive industry

Principal products outside automotive industry

  • Among other products, we manufacture a protective polycarbonate shield for hockey players. This is our most demanding optical application; we have created a 3D model, manufactured the mold, and we press the moldings. After the final processing by BOSPORT company, these are used by world teams hockey players.

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